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About Us

The Original

Pacific Handy Cutter is known as the leader and innovator in Safety Cutting Tools, but we got our start when we invented the original flat box cutter - the Handy Cutter.

In 1950, Herbert Lightburn recognized the market demand for a low cost cutting tool that could open shipping cartons more efficiently than a handheld razorblade. Lightburn developed and patented the instantly recognizable original Handy Cutter, which standardized the way grocery chains opened packaged goods and quickly emerged as the preferred cutting tool for stockroom operations and shipping departments across the country.

Since then, Pacific Handy Cutter has become the leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of safety cutting tools for the store supply, industrial and retail markets. Our Safety Cutters are the preferred cutting tool among many businesses due to their ability to improve worker productivity while reducing the costs associated with accidental injuries, workers compensation claims, and damaged merchandise.

In addition to Safety Cutters, the company now designs and manufactures a breadth of safety components to round out a work safety system that has set the industry standard. PHC also produces a wide variety of utility knives, razor blades, and accessories offering the broadest assortment of cutters and complementary products in the industry.


Commitment To Progress

We have led the industry for over 65 years, not because of our original idea, but because we never stop looking for new ideas to raise the bar on safety, productivity and damage prevention.

Notably, we invented the first successful guarded safety cutter. Working closely with our customers and field workers, we then improved upon the design with an ergonomic, multiple depth safety cutter. The result was an incredibly comfortable tool that helps prevent cramping, repetitive motion injuries, and lacerations.

The impact was significant and in some cases our clients have seen up to a 95% reduction in cutter related injuries. An unanticipated benefit of the cutting guide a decrease in product damage, which resulted in huge savings for our customers.

With each generation of improvement, our knowledge base of safety feature technologies continues to benefit our customers with our relentless drive to improve on each product we develop.

Our Commitment To You

Pacific Handy Cutter works tirelessly to keep workers safe and productive. Our devoted team in Irvine, California is passionate about enhancing your safety program and saving you money. Our commitment is to continue to provide innovative products at great prices, with outstanding customer service.

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