BB5324KIT PHC Blade Bank®

The Blade Bank is the safest and most convenient way to correctly dispose of used razor blades. When utilized throughout the workplace the Blade Banks eliminate the potential liabilities and safety risks caused by loose blades. This key component of our Safety First System keeps blades out the reach of customers, off of the ground, out of trash bags and all other potentially hazardous locations. They safely contain over 750 used blades and can be easily mounted to walls, posts, pallet racks and more. Plus, by pairing one of PHC’s Blade Dispensers (SPD-017, QBD-324, or QBD-379) to the front of the Blade Bank, you create a convenient blade change station that will increase the safety and efficiency of your staff. By using both items together, your employees will be encouraged to properly dispose of loose blades and easily access new replacement blades near their work stations and throughout your facility, ultimately increasing overall productivity. The BH-00205 does not include the wall mount bracket.

Item Number B11302-3 Categories ,


Includes (75) SB-92 Utility Blades

Additional information

Product Type

Blade Disposal Container


6.25 L x 3.625 W x 3.5 H





Zip Ties


Mounting Kit Type

Zip Ties

Blade Part Number Included



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